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What The Fence?

By Adam Zaki

Published: September 14th, 2017

Students have crashed back into the Fall 2017 semester with a tuition hike, City University of New York (CUNY) software interface troubles, and disagreements between bureaucratic systems of the college that have resulted in many students having trouble with registration. However, an aesthetic disaster has given students some concern for the campus as a whole.

Despite a Brooklyn College campus that identifies as one of the most beautiful colleges in the metropolitan area, the damaged fence by Whitehead Hall and across the garage of Drive Rite Academy on Campus Road begs to differ. After a car plowed through the fence in May, the area’s damage has remained unchanged the accident.

According to college officials, an insurance adjustment is holding up the repair of the fence. No timetable has been provided to The Excelsior, and it is likely that a drawn-out process will result in the campus’ biggest eyesore sticking around for quite some time.

“The facilities here are a complete mess, it’s insane,” says sophomore Classics major Monty Stewart. “It’s not just the fence; urinals are missing, sinks remain out of order for months on end, it’s embarrassing.”

Stewart recognized the college’s effort last week to welcome students, but thinks that there are bigger priorities that the college fails to recognize. “I appreciate the free Bulldogs socks, but could [administrators] do us a favor and keep our school in decent condition?”

WBCR’s President Ray Walker also shared his thoughts about the condition of the fence, which sits adjacent to the station and is the main access point to the radio station’s facilities from the Flatbush Junction. “The broken gate diminishes the beauty of campus,” said Walker. “I think it’s a safety hazard for everyone walking through there and a huge cause for concern,” he said.

Having extensive experience working within the bureaucratic systems of Brooklyn College, Walker thinks that the college isn’t putting forth its best effort in getting the fence fixed in a timely matter. “I’m sure Brooklyn College has the necessary resources to get things fixed, so [they] should just get it done,” said Walker.

Some students are surprised by the amount of time that has passed since the accident and the college’s apparent lack of response to it. “I think it’s crazy because the crash happened in May and it’s September,” said Ashley Jean, a junior Communications major. The damage isn’t that much, and it is still down four months later.”

Senior Television and Radio major Signe King thinks this is a bigger issue than just a broken fence. “Brooklyn College is just so lazy about certain things,” said King. “They have so much money from us, and there are still basic things about the school that should be fixed,” she said.

Other students have little to no feelings about the incident and are indifferent about the fence’s reconstruction. “I am not sure how I feel about it,” said Aaron Brown, a Finance major. “The fence not being fixed doesn’t mean much to me,” he said.

Whether or not the fence is fixed, students will be welcomed to campus everyday by a broken banner that advertises the Residence Halls, and the fence may serve as a representation of the current state of the college as a whole—broken, but repairable.

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