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Winter 2018 Study Abroad Ambassadors

Published: March 28th, 2018

PHOTO/ Aliyah Kjeldson Harrell
PHOTO/ Aliyah Kjeldson Harrell

Last Name: Kjeldson Harrell

First Name: Aliyah

Program: Cape Town South Africa

Location: South Africa

Term: Winter 2018

Major: TV Radio/Theater

“This past winter I had the amazing opportunity of studying abroad with John Jay College in Cape Town, South Africa. I always dreamed of visiting this country and taking a picture with a lion. I was not able to do so but this picture with a cheetah cub will suffice for now. This experience was truly once in a lifetime and will always be with me.”

PHOTO/ Hira Ishfaq
PHOTO/ Hira Ishfaq

Last Name: Ishfaq

First Name: Hira

Program: BC Study Abroad in China

Location: China

Term: Winter 2018

Major: Political Science

“Ah, where do I begin to describe this beautiful journey of mine? I am so glad I went on this trip as without it, I would have missed a great opportunity along with getting in touch with my genuine self. This trip gave me the experience to especially be aware of my genuine self and always make decisions being content and in harmony with that self of mine. This trip not only taught me how to be self-independent by giving me the opportunity to explore on my own away from family, but also gave me the chance on how to be confident and self-reliant. I would not have learned all this without my trip to China. One of the reasons why I wanted to come to China was the Great Wall, and seeing that wall has fulfilled my wish. If there was one thing that I could do again would be the tour to The Great Wall. I wish I had more time to reach the top of the wall and click some more awesome photos. China itself is so huge and mountainous; you can never get enough of it even if you have been traveling for decades. I always heard in books and news that you only get to taste the real Chinese food when in China. And I fortunately had that experience of tasting the authentic Chinese food in various places. My favorite food was when we went to the Muslim Quarter and had the best chicken tikka of my life. I was very astonished to see the cultural diffusion of the Middle East in China. My second-favorite food was the halal Chinese soup I had on our last night. It was just perfect. I especially liked the lamb in it, it was super delicious. There are two things that I miss about China—the food, and The Great Wall. If I ever got a second chance, it would be for these two things.

PHOTO/ Sandy Mui
PHOTO/ Sandy Mui

Last Name: Mui

First Name: Sandy

Program: Tokyo Lights

Location: Japan

Term: Winter 2018

Major: Journalism and Media Studies

“As a student studying creative writing in Japan, I found myself deeply immersed in the country’s rich culture and history. We went on adventure-writing excursions to various districts in Tokyo, as well as Japan’s countryside. It was fascinating to see how much each place changed over time based on works I read for class, versus what exists in these places today. Fully grasping a part of history means understanding the time and place, which is something I’ve grown to appreciate from my study abroad experience. That sense of time and place is something I will always carry with me in my future writing.”

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