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Yankees Star Aaron Judge Interviewed at WBCR

The WBCR studios, where former Brooklyn College student Will Holley had Yankees slugger Aaron Judge on his podcast last week. PHOTO/ @spinningindie
The WBCR studios, where former Brooklyn College student Will Holley had Yankees slugger Aaron Judge on his podcast last week. PHOTO/ @spinningindie

By Adam Zaki

Published: February 14th, 2018

Brooklyn College Alum Will Holley held a phone interview with New York Yankees’ star Aaron Judge last week, using connections he made while working with the organization.

Holley, a former employee of the Yankees’ travel department, got to know the team personally and has a plethora of stories about his interactions with members of the Yankees from a season ago.

“I put a call into Judge, told him I was looking to raise awareness about some of the stuff I was putting together and he was all for it,” Holley said.

Holley worked with the team during the 2017 season and met Judge before most knew who he was.

“[It] was before the world knew him, he was just a New York Yankee rookie trying to make the opening day roster,” he said. “As his star started the rise, he was still that cool guy that made everyone in the clubhouse feel like a part of the team.”

After trying out different life experiences—everything from basketball to YouTube to the United States Army—Holley finally decided to settle down in the field of sports media. His radio experience was limited, but WBCR provided a space for him to get comfortable and test his talents behind a microphone. After being featured on sports radio stations in Philadelphia, Holley became interested in learning how create a sports podcast for himself.

“I walked into the radio station looking to cut a demo, I was going to shop around to local radio stations. [The WBCR board members] kind of threw me into the deep end of the pool and told me the swim. Here’s the studio, this how you work the board and shut the door,” Holley said.

Although nerves were an issue for him at first, Holley used a combination of studio repetition and live broadcasts of basketball games to develop a sense of comfort and develop an identity behind the microphone. By taking advantage of readily available opportunities at Brooklyn College, Holley may have found his niche in sports media.

 “That was the push I needed,” he said.

Holley’s interview with Judge will be released Feb. 15 and will be promoted by the station. Holley will host a podcast recorded at WBCR this semester, and his relationship with the Yankees and athletics around the City University of New York (CUNY) make predicting his guest list impossible.

“I’m truly thankful,” Holley said. This may be the beginning of more great things to come.

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