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You Won’t Silence Us

Brooklyn College continues to advertise RHBC on its campus. PHOTO/ Chris Omar

By Eytan Galanter, CLAS President

Published: November 7th, 2018

Calling the Residence Hall at Brooklyn College unethical is a major understatement. As the President of the CLAS Student Government here at Brooklyn College, the concerns I have encountered from over 50 students about the Residence Hall range from upsetting to horrifying, and yet the response to them by the management of the RHBC has been the same throughout. The response has been one of inaction. A nonresponse is compliance. Students have reported issues that range from sexual harassment to moldy kitchens, and pipes bursting leading to an inch of sewage settling over their bedrooms; yet, the management has turned a blind eye.

Our campus has continued to advertise for the RHBC. We have giant banners with smiling faces hanging on our gates. Our office for Student Affairs sent out consistent emails as recently as October 2nd, informing people about our “state of the art” residence hall.

We are in a contract for two more years. For two more years, vulnerable students are going to be told by our campus to live in a place that can victimize them at any time. A place that has Brooklyn College’s name proudly displayed on its front door, but lacks any of the Brooklyn College values. Title IX and the CUNY Sexual Misconduct Policies that protect all students from harassment do not extend there.

“Only two more years” is not an acceptable excuse. A college career can be as short as four years. Half that time is signed over to the RHBC which consistently hurts out more vulnerable people. Students that want safety and security in their day to day lives are met with the harsh reality that while Brooklyn College can advertise for RHBC it cannot enforce punitive measures. Once your name is on the lease, you’ve signed yourself away to them.

This isn’t acceptable. Christine isn’t the only victim of RHBC; she’s just brave enough to talk about it. No amount of threats or inaction from either our own college or from the RHBC will stop students that won’t stand for assault. That’s a promise.

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