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Finding a soul mate is a goal much sought after by a large part of the world’s population. Indeed, having someone who loves you and on whom you can count is not so simple. Some go so far as to say that it is easier to become a millionaire than to find your better half. It is to help in this sense that many dating platforms have emerged in recent years. Among these, we have Sensation Agency. More details later!

What is Sensation Agency?

Sensation Agency is a Swiss dating agency that offers many very attractive services. Indeed, even with dating sites, it is not always easy to find the one you need. Now you can bet on this very impressive platform that can change your life. This is the perfect place to change your romantic situation. But this is not its only domain.

In fact, it is also possible to find an escort in Geneva quickly and at an attractive price. The platform offers very charismatic and very sensual models to accompany you anywhere. This is also the place to receive lots of advice.

What types of models are on the site?

Here, you will be entitled to a panoply of models at your disposal. It is an expert platform in the field and whose services are in high demand. In fact, it is no coincidence that so many people are interested in it. This is mainly because of its many models that attract many Internet users.

No matter your girl style, you will have complete satisfaction. Do you like younger women or those who are more mature in age? You will be entitled to everything you need by referring to this site. Moreover, most of the models you will find there are players and are therefore able to make you spend breathtaking moments.

What is the rate for escorts on Sensation Agency?

This dating platform et d’Escort not only offers you quality services, but also at reduced costs. She offers one of the lowest rates you’ll see on dating sites. However, the price depends on the type of formula you have chosen. In this regard, you generally have two different proposals to your credit. You have the choice between the premium formula and the Gold formula. On the other hand, it also depends on the time the model will spend with you.

With a Premium formula and for an hour of time for example, you will pay 1000 CHF. But for two hours, this rate is 800 CHF. But, if you choose Extra day, you will only pay 1500 CHF. But for one hour with a Gold formula, you will pay 1000 CHF. Here too, you are entitled to an Extra day option which will only cost you 1900 CHF.

What about security on Sensation Agency?

Sensation Agency is a very secure platform, especially for its users. In addition to offering advice on how to be a couple, it guarantees maximum security. It is impossible for your login details to be hacked. So you can log in and out at any time.

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