Exercises For Tennis Players

Among the many exercises that a tennis player can perform is the Dead Bug. This total body exercise helps players engage their core and develop their range of motion in their thoracic spine, which helps them keep their shoulders strong and safe when playing overhead sports. It also works the lower and upper body at the same time. For tennis players, this exercise will make a significant difference in their game. So, you should try it.

Strengthening the obliques

In order to maximize your power on the court, you should strengthen your obliques. The obliques are used to generate power and speed through the transfer of energy throughout your body, including your abs. By strengthening these muscles, you’ll be able to produce more power and speed on the court, and minimize the risk of injury. You can do a side plank to strengthen these muscles, too.

Stretching the IT-band

When stretching the IT-band, it is important not to injure the area as this will lead to a painful condition. This band is located just below the knee and is made up of many tendons that run along the sides of the body. By following the proper stretching techniques, you can prevent injury and maintain the correct posture. The following tips are helpful when stretching the IT-band. They will also ensure that you’re not straining your IT-band during your tennis game.

Strengthening the lower back

As a tennis player, you are more likely to sustain injuries from strained and tight muscles in your lower back. This can lead to shoulder complications if you are not able to rotate your thoracic spine properly. This is essential for the winding-up and decelerating of your shots, as well as twisting during your service action. When you lack this mobility, you will be forced to compensate by putting more pressure on the lumbar spine and shoulder joint, both of which can lead to lower back problems.

Stretching the chest

One of the most important stretches for tennis players is the standing quad stretch. The quads of tennis players are put through a great deal of stress during play, and it is vital that they are properly conditioned to avoid injuries. When practicing tennis quad stretches, the player should stand with their legs apart and spread their fingers widely. Then, straighten both legs. Do the same exercise for the left leg. This exercise is especially important for tennis players who play for long periods of time.

Stretching the front of your legs

There are many benefits of stretching the front of your legs for tennis players. For example, it can relieve back and hip tension, which are key elements in playing tennis. To perform this exercise, lie on your back and bend your knees. Bring your right knee to your left hip, and then lower your right leg to rest on the floor. As you relax, reach your left ear toward the floor and breathe deeply. Repeat the stretch with the left leg.

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