July 13 supermoon aka Super Thunder Moon in France to be visible from 10 pm

The phenomenon will be visible from Wednesday July 13, at 10 p.m., and until Thursday July 14. It gets the nickname Super Thunder Moon, with July being considered one of the hottest and stormiest months in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s the third time this year. This Wednesday, July 13, keen observers will be able to discover a supermoon in the sky, just 357,264 km from Earth. Visible from 10 p.m. in the evening in France, it will remain until 4:52 a.m. early in the morning on July 14. This supermoon, also called “perigee-syzygia” , will be bigger and brighter than normal.

The phenomenon occurs when the point in the moon’s orbit is closest to the blue planet in its elliptical orbit, as NASA explains . To observe it, however, you will have to wait for sunset. Binoculars or the use of a telescope will allow you to appreciate the details of the craters and crests of the star. And to achieve optimal conditions, it is also possible to go to one of the clubs of the French Astronomical Association (AFA) present in France.

In addition, another spectacle will also be visible in the sky: the arrival of a comet. On the night of July 13 to 14, the latter will be 270 km from Earth at a speed of 615 km/s. Although it’s unlikely to be seen with the naked eye, it will skim Earth again in millions of years. The next and final supermoon of 2022 will occur on August 11.

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