QX Rewards Platform for Mobile Game Developers and Publishers Released

The QX rewards platform is a new technology designed to help publishers and game developers deal with financial liability while also making digital assets more accessible to gamers. It helps gamers own, exchange, and redeem their earned rewards through a mobile app. This technology is free to join, and it is simple to use. Members can also upgrade to a premium account for extra benefits.

Publishers who use QX will assign monetary value to each digital asset, which can then be converted into real money by a QX member. QX will fund a player’s account with US dollars to facilitate this conversion. In addition, the QX platform will promote the game to other publishers, which will increase its visibility.

In addition to partnering with game publishers, the QX rewards platform has also engaged Rackspace Technology, a leader in multi-cloud technology solutions. Onica will stream and analyze events for the QX Partner Portal. The QX platform is a first-of-its-kind public exchange that tracks the rewards that gamers earn online and redeem them for real cash. The platform has several components including a mobile app for gamers and a Partner Portal for game developers.

Another important feature of the QX rewards platform is that it supports the redemption of gamers’ earned digital assets. As a result, acQyr eXchange offers a unique rewards management solution for publishers and game developers. It is a valuable resource for developers of all sizes.

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