The Dark Prophecy Releasing on All Consoles Next Week

With the release of the third episode of The Dark Prophecy, the level cap will be raised to 50. In addition, the game adds a new open world sector for level 40 and up players and eleven new job missions. Those who’ve played the game so far will be happy to know that this release also includes some bug fixes and other improvements.

Dark Energy Digital remade many of the game systems from scratch to make it play as smoothly as possible on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game will also support PlayStation Move, giving players enhanced control of the game. It will also be the game of the month on PlayStation Plus.

The Dark Prophecy is an indie point-and-click adventure game inspired by the classic point-and-click adventure games of the 90s. It is a game that uses pixel art to tell a story. You play as a mysterious figure named Jacob, who has a dark secret. As the protagonist, you will need to uncover the truth of the prophecy and avenge the murder of his parents.

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